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The following are software projects I have initiated and been responsible for the majority of the work on. These projects are all available under either the LGPL or GPL Free Software licenses.

Lucee on Jetty

A project to provide a Lucee package that is both easy to use and fully functional, plus extensive documentation on how everything has been done, so it can be understood and adapted as needed.

For full details see the project page, or view the wiki at GitHub.


cfPassphrase is a library for all CFML engines making it easy to securely hash and check passphrases using proven industry standard algorithms.

Details on the project page, documentation on the wiki at GitHub.

QueryParam Scanner

QueryParam Scanner (qpscanner) helps CFML developers to identify potential SQL injection risks in queries. It can be used standalone or as part of an automated build process.

For full details see the project page, or see qpscanner on GitHub.


cfRegex brings a first class regex implementation to CFML, making it far easier to use advamced regex functionality, whilst also helping you to improve readability and performance.

There is a cfRegex website providing further information.

Htacc (HtAccess / Apache Config CFC)

HtAcc is a work-in-progress project to help with parsing Apache Config files - both core configurations and htaccess files.

For more info see the project wiki at GitHub.

Information on other projects I've worked with can be found via my GitHub page.