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Lucee on Jetty


Lucee on Jetty is a project to provide a Lucee package that is easy to use and provides a fully functional & capable web server, with extensive documentation on how everything has been done, so it can be understood and adapted as needed.

LGPL v3 and CC BY-SA v4.0
Latest Release:
v0.5, 21 Feb 2015 (announcement)
A recent JVM (v8 recommended)


Lucee on Jetty v0.5, includes Jetty 9.2.9 and Lucee 4.5.1

These work on any operating system where a Java VM is installed (either JRE and JDK will work).

If you do not have a JVM installed, download the Server JRE - this version comes without the browser-based Java plugin which almost nobody needs and which has numerous security issues.


Known Issues

The current startup script contains carriage returns. This will be fixed soon in a new release, but in the meantime can be resolved with:

tr -d '\r' < >


The next release will have HTTPS configured and documented.

Also planned, is HTTP2 (coming in Jetty 9.3), a complete server control script and background/service support, WHM/cPanel integration, and more.

When these features arrive - in the next release, the one after that or some subsequent release - depends on both available time and on how much demand there is for it, so for any feature you would like, go ahead and raise an issue. Even for features already planned, it's easier to prioritise when there's an indication of what people want.