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Over many years of developing software I have worked with a variety of languages and systems - creating and updating simple websites, developer tools, and complex web and intranet applications. As an active member of the development community, I have contributed to several open source projects and helped numerous developers solve issues across an assortment of areas.

I can talk with confidence on a range of topics, and can tailor talks to a variety of audiences. I currently have presentations available on the subjects of: How to troubleshoot and ask for help; Password Security for everyone; Understanding Regex.

These talks can be adapted to suit the audience, and the subject matter can be covered as concisely or thoroughly as time allows, so if you are holding a conference or developer event and are looking for speakers, do get in touch to discuss further.

I have worked to varying degrees with many technologies and techniques, but I have specific expertise with the following:

Agile Ajax Ant Beehive Forum Build Process CFML ColdBox ColdFusion CSS Frameworks Fusebox FW/1 Git HTML HTTP JavaScript Jetty jQuery LESS Lucee Mura MVC PHP phpBB Railo Regex Security SVN TDD Testbox Troubleshooting Web Development Workflow

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I have extensive experience with CFML development - having developed with Adobe ColdFusion from v5 onwards, and Railo CFML engine since v1 - on a wide variety of web applications and CFML-based software.

I can handle any CFML code, whether perfectly structured, complex disorganised spaghetti code or anything in-between.

CFML Frameworks & Platforms

I have developed using a number of frameworks, working with MVC and other architectures. I can help update existing applications and/or porting to use a different framework.

In particular I have developed and maintained various applications using Fusebox, FW/1 and ColdBox, including creating framework extensions and occasionally modifying the core files.


I have worked with PHP on and off over the years, and can work with most PHP-based websites or applications.

In particular I have experience with both Beehive Forum and phpBB discussion software.


I am very comfortable with regex. I'm able to explain the meaning and behaviour of almost any regex pattern, re-write complex patterns to be more maintainable and performant, and explain the differences between various implementations.

I can offer fixes, improvements, and optimizations to individual regex patterns as well as those embedded within applications, whilst also identifying situations when using a regex is not an ideal solution.

Web Development

I have extensive experience developing everything from simple websites to complex web applications. I have designed and developed a large number of websites, helped construct elaborate web-based intranet systems, and worked with legacy and new codebases.

I am comfortable hand-coding HTML, CSS and JavaScript (though I typically work with LESS to simplify stylesheets, and jQuery for easier DOM manipulation), and focus on building sites that provide usability and accessibility. I understand the HTTP request/response cycle, using AJAX effectively (including HTML5 History), caching dynamic content, and so on.


I am an advocate of setting up good project workflows, that work well for developers and non-developers alike; of reliable build and deployment processes, enabling continuous integration and test-driven development.

I work with Git, which brings speed and flexibility to source control, and makes sensible branching strategy significantly easier. I can use Apache Ant and other tools to setup automated build processes.